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Helping hotels with sales & marketing in Thailand support Hotels, Hotel Advisors and Hotel Owners with Sales & Marketing through and build relationships and earn while we do the work in the back end. Out Hotel and Hospitality solution will make your hotel beat the competition.

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Helping Hotels offer sales services to assist in contracting digital channels. We get your hotel connected with all the major Digital Channels like Agoda, Booking, Ctrip, Traveloka, Hotel Beds etc, contact us for a full list. On top of connecting the channels, we help managing them for you. 

Supporting hotel advisors directly, allowing you to provide your hotels with full service and be able focus on relationships and earn income on sales production while we do all the work.


Our team is more than happy to help your hotel or hotel group to manage all the GSA (General Sales Agent) to help distributing hotel rooms to the major travel agent players globally. The team is experienced and contract both leisure and business FIT's and groups with high production.

The revenue management team at Helping Hotels have lots of experience in yielding rate and maximizing revenue for the hotel, thus increasing profits for hotel owners.

Supporting hotel advisors directly, allowing you to provide your hotels with full service and be able focus on relationships and earn income on sales production while we do all the work. 


With SiliconChatBot hotels can have a self learning automated artificial intelligence chats with guests and assists with ordering any type of hotel service....a chatbot concierge. Personalized Messaging.

This bot takes into account a set of variables for configuring messages sent to a specific Guest. It allows broadcasting the information in a much more targeted way.

Using SiliconChatBot as a sales agent, and earn income along the way...the ChatBot helps selling hotel offers Guests will buy more when you send them new promo-offers and interesting news...the ChatBot will also go hunting for bookings automated on social media and convert sales on your website, without any help at all.



We are always available to assist hotel advisors and hotel owners with all sales related actions and advise, and will actively be communicating with you wherever you are.


All the cost of our sales is performance based or on a small retention depending on if your hotel is open for a while or a new opening...either way we will make sure your hotel performs above expectations!


However you use our services, we will connect your hotel anywhere possible and help managing relationships for your hotel, no need to worry if your sales staff resigns or go on vacation...we do all the work faster than any individual sales director can...and we are located in several countries and speak several languages. 


Sales Stars

Our Sales Stars are based around Asia and leader in leisure & MICE hotel sales segment as well as both offline & digital channels!

Our deep understanding of how hotel sales operate, combined with innovation, cutting edge tech and a strategic approach, we achieve fast  results for our hotels.

Project Managers

Project Managers are not only collaborative process focused, they are also revenue and performance driven.

Armed with entrepreneurial spirit, they work efficiently with our sales teams to align clients’ sales and marketing strategies with clear and performance objectives.

Sales Support Teams

Our Project Team & Sales Teams are as good as their team of Sales Support and Accounts Management Team!

Our account managers and sales support team possess outstanding organization and communication skills.


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