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Helping hotels Thai hotels AI chatbot software for Hotel Owners and Hotel Groups. Our artificial intelligence hotel guest service bot can build relationships and earn while you focus on hotel operations. The Thailand made guest service chatbot solution will help your hotel beat the competition.

Artificial Intelligence is now allowing us to increase direct hotel bookings by adding a human-like and self learning Bot to every conversation.

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Hotel Booking Bot

In the hotel industry the arrival of the “hotel booking bot” has revolutionized the way guests can interact with a company before, during and after their stay. This trend is set to dominate the industry, so it’s time you discovered how to make a hotel chatbot. 

Front Desk Bot

Manage reservations, transactions and guest information with a smart guest profiling system. Ensure guest satisfaction with detailed visit histories and customer preferences.

Smart Services Bot

Improve and streamline business operations by integrating services, improve guest experience, attend to their needs and wants, all effortlessly in sync with the FrontDesk & Feedback.

Get SiliconBot to be the chatbot for your hotel and help you build the best hotel booking chatbot on the market! 

Survey & Feedback System

With a Realtime Feedback system, start tapping into your guest's preferences and expectations; get instant negative-sentiment alerts and generate analysis to understand your customer behavior.

Analytics Information

Enhance customer information and preferences with the Analytics Tool. Customize offers that appeal to customers with the smart mapping feature. Create “WOW” moments for customers and maximize customer spend.

Artificial Intelligence

The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning has led to a wide range of online hotel marketing solutions that are driving higher conversions and improved customer service. By leveraging breakthrough machine learning and natural language technologies you can always make the conversational feel more human.

Increase Website Conversions

Now turn chats into conversion with AI-enabled Bototel chatbot for hotels

Captures leads easily, is notified real-time about a new lead, tracks every interaction, collects guests expectations and close bookings faster than any reservations agent. And the best part is, it works across all main messaging platforms!

24x7 Automated Guest Service

The multilingual Bototel AI hotel chatbot works round-the-clock to answer all the guest queries.

It responds to wide selection of chats and takes care of your hotel even as you sleep! So not avoid language barriers and service issues when it can all be done with a simple, chatbot - tailored, just for hotels that handle guests requests 24x7, automatically. Interesting and amusing thing is that Bototel gets smarter with every conversation.

Better Direct Booking Service

Personalize every customer interaction and drive repeat customers to your hotel website

Bototel chatbot for hotels capture customer’s need while they browse through your hotels website. It provides an agent commission free dialogue and gives hoteliers insights which would help them grow their revenue upto two times by Direct Bookings.

Automation beyond Email

A perfect tool to take care of all your market needs that goes a long way off than the traditional Email & SMS marketing. Now run drip campaigns and automate simple tasks like lead nurturing to follow-up to converting using push notifications, in-app notifications, SMS & Email.

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Surpass customer expectations by converting your hotel into Intelligent Hotel that leverages AI for customer service & beyond.


A perfect all-in-one marketing solution that helps you increase your traffic, convert more leads and turn leads into customer with minimal effort.


Track & measure the complete journey of a guest. Discover trends based on historical customer data, get a bird’s eye view of how your campaigns are performing across channels and make data-driven decisions that will help you drive higher customer lifetime value.


Hoteliers Loves the "Bototel" Chatbot

"Bototel" is a super Ai employee that handle our guests needs and we save so much time and hassle. Helping Hotels has opened our eyes to Ai with a two-way dialogue, between hotel staff and guests.

Alex P.

Hotel Owner

Bototel is Created

For All Hotels.

Bototel is a Ai ChatBot for accommodation facilities to handle traveler requests 24/7. Improve guest satisfaction for more reviews, and increase revenue.

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