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Hotel Solution Built With Greatness Inside

Helping Hotels hotel marketing solution and integrated systems are designed to be easy of use. Helping Hotels all-in-one marketing and systems plan does just about everything for your hotel, like, Property Management System, Website Platform, Channel Management, Booking Engine, Revenue Management, Team Management etc. 

SiliconChat - Task management software to get things done better, faster!

SiliconChat by Helping Hotels Hospitality Management Platform gets things done easier, better and faster!

Our cloud based hospitality management portal allow hotel teams to work better together, get their tasks delivered in time and be super productive.

SiliconChat Hotel task management tool that makes hotel teams more accountable.

We take care of all you cluttered emails and stuff that makes daily life stressful for hotel teams, and help teams to focus on getting stuff done!

Assigning tasks

Our hospitality portal brings clarity in allocating work. Add simple tasks with a simple click, assign to the relevant teams and forget the hassle of writing old school emails.

Attach Files

Attach files and reports in a task or chat either from your mobile or pc and assign more transparent and correct work.


Add Comments

In HuMP,  are able to post comments and chat on tasks. This simple to communicate and check in on things, while be clear on the progress.

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