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Helping Hotels hotel marketing solution and integrated systems are designed to be easy of use. Helping Hotels all-in-one marketing and systems plan does just about everything for your hotel, like, Property Management System, Website Platform, Channel Management, Booking Engine, Revenue Management, Team Management etc. 

SiliconRes - Introduction and Overview

SiliconRes PMS was designed to be easy of use and have simplified essential features that most hotels and resorts need. The software is an all-in-one which means it does just about everything for your hotel business. In this quick overview I will explain the major parts of the software and what it means for your business.

1. The Booking Management System

2. Hotel Website as a Service

3. Channel Manager

4. Online Booking Engine

The Booking Management System

Also known as a Property Management System (PMS) this is where you will spend the majority of your time as a hotel business owner or Front Desk receptionist. Lets see a quick overview on how this works:

Visual Booking Screen

You may be familiar with the layout of this screen with dates at the top and room numbers (or Names) down the left hand side. This screen is a visual representation of your bookings. As you can see at a glance you can see the customer name, payment status and guest comments. We will go into more details on this screen in later articles. Clicking on the empty spaces brings up the new booking popup.

New Booking Popup

Gone are the 100 options of older complicated systems, we just ask for the basic details needed for a reservation. By using a visual booking system you don't need to change room types and dates as these are filled in automatically by selecting the correct room and date on the calendar. You can also enter the credit card details for the booking here to be saved securely for future use.

Booking Management Popup

By clicking on a booking you will be able to manage the booking and do the following actions:

1. Room Tab - Edit Room, Add Room, Cancel Room

2. Extras Tab - Add Extras into booking

3. Discount Tab - Add discounts into booking

4. Customer Tab - Enter customer or company address

5. Invoice Tab - Print/Save Invoice, Add notes into invoice

6. Payment Tab - Charge/Preauthorise Credit Cards. Add manual payments

7. Email Tab - Allows you to email the guest or company and attach invoice and/or confirmation

8. History Tab - Shows you any changes made to the booking

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