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Helping hotels Asia hotel advisors offer many hotel services for hotels, hotel owners and groups in Asia. We help hoteliers make more money. Helping Hotels asian advisors do the heavy lifting. Build relationships and earn while you focus on hotel guests. The Asia based Asia Advisors helps you beat the competition.

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The Helping Hotels, Hotel Adviser Teams are highly qualified hospitality advisors with long standing reputation in the hotel industry. Our Hotel Advisers are able to counsel on a wide range of hospitality and asset management areas and will always meet our clients requirements.

Helping Hotels, Hotel advisor leadership has a combined hospitality management and hotel asset management experience. We aim to improve hoteliers bottom line, control costs, and maximize profits while keeping your cash flow steady. We cater to the specific needs of our clients by providing expert-level guidance in hospitality consulting.



Rely on real data

Market Intelligence: Accurate, real-time market intelligence is a critical element to the hotel feasibility and acquisition process. We leverage our experience to deliver an understanding of local economic trends, supply/demand factors and locational implications of a market as a precursor to a formal engagement. We present only the most relevant criteria and key decision points in a clear and concise format.

Innovative Approach

Up to date business solutions.

Our methodology follows a clear path, from judicious research and interviews through to expert benchmarking, analysis and delivery. A deep understanding of hotel investment parameters and risk thresholds allows us to form incisive opinions and well-supported conclusions that go beyond the pro forma.


Asset Management

For any size independent or branded hotels and resorts

Our approach to asset management provides our clients access to the same in-house strategies used by the most successful international management companies. Our aim is to continually add value, maximise yield and drive superior ROI projects and we regularly uncover new profit centres.

Sales & Marketing

Key to success.

We have a strategic approach to marketing and sales.

We take pride in ourselves to always advise our clients to surround themselves with the strongest sales professionals possible. Each sales person should have both revenue and minimum prospecting goals built into their performance evaluation. As a result, your entire sales staff develops an ownership mentality and actively contributes to the marketing plan from development through implementation. Hotelier Adviser works closely with your property to ensure all strategic plans and initiatives are implemented successful.


Revenue Management

Maximize profit by managing revenue

Revenue management is one of the most important components in running a profitable hotel or resort. We have the know how and ability to place the needed emphasis on this and bring our experience to the table when we provide you an up-close look at your market.

When done properly, revenue management allows clients to strategically set rates at the appropriate levels to fill the hotel.

Pre-Project Consulting

Small and big projects.

How to start a hotel business and make sure to go about it the best way possible? If you are planning to do hotel business or invest in hotel infrastructure? Where to begin? How to find a suitable attachment object? How to properly evaluate the project? How to calculate the profitability? How to build the process of work on the project? How to design a hotel? How to choose a place? How to make a deal clean from a legal point of view?




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