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    What is "Helping Hotels"?

Helping Hotels is a new social community for hotel owners, hoteliers, hotel advisors, hotel experts and other hotel specialists ready to take their work to the next level with the most important growth hack available today with technology, marketing, revenue management and services. 

Together inside the Helping Hotels community, we’re exploring how to apply the best ways to build an audience, engage your guests and followers in totally new and unique ways, and launch creative revenue streams to fund your hotel business and much much more.

Whether you’ve got an idea that’s been swirling around in your head for the past few weeks or you’re ready to take your hotel business to the next level, we’re holding a place for you here in Helping Hotels.

A social community for hoteliers is growing

All kinds of settings and options to fit your hotels needs

Stay Informed

Make better, more well-informed decisions about hotel technology, marketing, revenue management, building guest loyalty and generating revenue from your hotel, outlets, or hotel related business.


Meet hotel entrepreneurs, hotels suppliers, and hotel experts just like you sharing our stories, experiences, and ideas. 

Go Deep

Get answers to the important hotel related questions you can't just Google, learn how to get the most out of your hotel website, booking sites, loyalty, or digital marketing on web and mobile. 


Find inspiration and motivation to get on with your hotel related project or full-time hotel role every single day.

Events & Courses

Join courses or launch events so you can stay ahead of the game and learn how to better manage your hotel related business. 

Create free profile, build your hotel teams and collaborate! 

Connecting hoteliers & experts

Social community for hotel professionals aim to providing tools & advise, helping hotels earn more and improving profits for hotels and hotel groups. 

Why You Should Join Us

All growing hotel teams eventually run into serious problems related to operations, communications and projects. Hotel teams are busy working on urgent tasks, buried in emails while new tasks pile up. What do do? Jump on board!

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